Welcome to the Spacetux Agency, where contracts are created!

This is a collection of mods which use the Contract Configurator mod to generate contracts for Kerbal Space Program.

All contract mods require the Spacetux Shared Assets mod, which includes both the Spacetux agency, flag, thumbnail and contract group needed by the other mods.

Currently there are four contract packs available:

  1. Shared Assets - needed by all of the following
  2. Grand Tours
  3. Sprite Missions
  4. Unmanned Contracts
  5. Rover Missions Redux

Unmanned Contracts

This is a collection of 132 contracts of various types. Essentially, it is a group of about 9 contracts, each of which is repeated for most of the planets and moons in the standard Kerbal solar system.

Requires: Contract Configurator, CoherentContracts, Module Manager Recommended: Advanced Progression Contracts

  1. Perform an unmanned flyby mission.
  2. Crash a probe!
  3. Crash a probe on a target!
  4. Orbit the first artificial satellite around the targeted body
  5. Put a satelite in polar orbit
  6. Put a satellite in Equatorial orbit
  7. Put a satellite in Kolniya orbit
  8. Land a probe
  9. Land a probe at a specified target!

Sprite Missions

The Spacetux Agency in conjunction with the KSP designer "Cupcake" would like to introduce you to the Sprite; the newest and smallest SSTO which can get to Duna and beyond. The size will absolutely amaze you.

Test-fly the new Sprite SSTO on flights to the following places:

Requires: Contract Configurator

  1. Kerbin local: Very Easy Learn to fly the Sprite using the trainer version. The T model features a basic jet and is for local use on Kerbin only
  2. Kerbin - Minmus - Kerbin Difficulty : Easy Depending on the contract offered, you can fly either the RCS version (which trades a bit of range for RCS), or the final production version. Notes: Really? If you're has trouble with this mission it could be time to go back to flight school!
  3. Kerbin - Mun - Kerbin Difficulty : Easy Depending on the contract offered, you can fly either the RCS version (which trades a bit of range for RCS), or the final production version. Notes: Aim for a 10k orbit above the Munar surface, do a nice gentle de-orbit burn to bring you in at a slight angle, not too steep.
  4. Kerbin - Mun - Minmus - Kerbin Difficulty : Medium Notes: As long as you keep your burns nice and efficient you'll make it back with juice to spare. If you're having trouble try doing Minmus first, you'll have less weight to content with once you do your mun landing.
  5. Kerbin - Duna - Duna Orbit Difficulty : Medium Notes: Try and bleed off as much speed in the atmosphere as you can, the closer you can get to 400 m/s the better. You don't want to use the engines when the atmosphere will do the job for you. I tried my very best to make it back to Kerbin from Duna but I couldn't quite get there. I think it's possible but you'll certainly be down to the last drops of fuel! On the plus side you'll have plenty of gas left to get you back into orbit and rendezvous with a waiting tanker. I say tanker but the Sprite will only need a few sips of fuel to get you back home again.
  6. Kerbin - Laythe - Kerbin Difficulty : Scott Manley Notes: This is one for expert level players only! Your mission will have to be perfectly planned and flawlessly executed. You're also going to have to lose some of the oxidizer in the central tanks and tweak the ascent profile to get yourself out the atmosphere quicker to save on liquid fuel. Don't bother with Jool just aim straight for Laythe and try and find yourself a nice big mountain to land on if you can. While it is possible to do the return burn straight from Laythe a slingshot or two around Tylo will help save on those last drops of fuel.
  7. Kerbin - Duna - Kerbin Difficulty : Chuck Norris Notes: Your Kerbal will probably die. Use Mechjeb.

Grand Tours

This mod contains 12 tours of the Kerbal System.

Requires: Contract Configurator, Module Manager Supports: RemoteTech

  1. Inner Planets
  2. Inner Planets and Moons
  3. Inner Planets and land on each
  4. Inner Planets and Moons and land on each
  5. Outer Planets
  6. Outer Planets and Moons
  7. Outer Planets and land on each
  8. Outer Planets and Moons and land on each
  9. All Planets
  10. All Planets and land on each
  11. All Planets and Moons
  12. All Planets and Moons and land on each

Also, if RemoteTech is installed, the contracts will only become available when specific types of antennas are available